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Custom Smart Logital

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Years of experience in the logistics area for export and import.

What we offer?

Integrated services for the administrative, legal, and operational processes required for international purchase, sale, and transportation of goods between different countries.

Our Services

Customs Broker

International deliveries

Export Requirements


FTA Management

We make International Logistics a competitive advantage for your company. We understand that expanding your business and meeting customer needs can be challenging, but we can help you overcome them and turn them into opportunities.

Success Stories

Smart Logital has been our trusted partner in international export logistics. Its trained team and network of partners provide us with effective solutions. His experience in customs procedures, transport and storage has helped us to be more competitive. I recommend Smart Logital to any company looking for quality export logistics.
Juan Pérez, CEO
Export of food products
Smart Logital made it easy to expand internationally. His team coordinated our shipments, from planning to customs management. Their commitment to punctuality, safety, and transparent communication gave us peace of mind. We are grateful for the excellent service you provided us in export logistics.
María González
Manager of a textile company
338 / 5.000 Resultados de traducción Resultado de traducción Smart Logital improved our supply chain in international shipments. His in-depth knowledge of export regulations prevented delays and problems at customs. His personalized approach and ability to adapt to our needs impressed us. I recommend Smart Logital for first class export logistics.
Carlos Rodríguez
Electronic products company